Re: Container weight and wearing

From: Robert Masten (
Date: 06/25/01

>> If I have a container with say a 250 weight and I wear it, my carried
>> weight goes to 0 or to whatever else I'm holding.  This to me, seems
>> like it should be a bug.

> Perhaps a bug, perhaps not.  If you think of the weight as serving the
> purpose of describing how much an object weighs and what its encumbrance
> when carried, it might make more sense.  I can carry a lot less stuff if I
> also have to carry my clothing in my arms, but the clothing hardly slows
> down if I'm wearing it.  The same goes for carrying a backpack.

I was thinking of a total encumbrance type of weight.  The items worn work
towards the total encumbrance by only 1/2 and items in hand would be full
encumbrance.  50lbs on your back/body is a lot different from carrying 50lbs
around with ya.

Any ideas on implementation?


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