Re: [CODE] Saving Non-Native Shop Items

From: Del (
Date: 06/29/01

Edward Felch wrote:
> Hello all, as a spur of the moment thing I decided to work on getting items
> which shops don't "produce" to save to a file (just the vnum), which is
> loaded at a reset, zone reboot, mud crash/reboot, etc. However I've hit a
> roadblock and am not thinking very straight at the moment and could use a
> bit of assistance... I'm submitting this here as it is (very new, tested and
> crashed, early). Any help is appreciated:
> ** CODE **
> And when I actually reboot the zone, it crashs right away. Something weird
> in the save func must make all the gibberish, and the load function is bleh
> too... Take a look at it and thanks for any help at all :)

What OS?
Do you have gdb output?
Any log entries indicating where it crashes?
Have you tried adding in a
  log("Code gets to this point");
in various places to see where it crashes?

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