CircleMUD instability

From: Christian Duvall (
Date: 11/03/01

I have installed Circle 3.0 with Oasis 2.0 and DG
scripts (as patched on the ftp site). I have not
altered the base code much thus far but the MUD has
gone into infinite loops on multiple occassions and I
can't quite track it down. I know it happens when
people are walking and it seems like there are
multiple instances of one person in a room. It
actually crashes in act() when it tries to send a
message to the people in a room and ch ==

I don't have the patience to sit around and wait for
it to crash but I have put in various checks in
functions like char_to and char_from room. Still found
no source. I am fairly certain it has something to do
with Oasis 2.0, although I am not pointing fingers :)

Now, has anyone experienced this? If so, I will check
the archives if you would be so kind as to point my in
the right direction.


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