Re: CircleMUD instability

From: Artovil (
Date: 11/03/01

At 12:22 2001-11-03 -0800, Christian Duvall wrote:
>I have installed Circle 3.0 with Oasis 2.0 and DG
>scripts (as patched on the ftp site). I have not
>altered the base code much thus far but the MUD has
>gone into infinite loops on multiple occassions and I
>can't quite track it down. I know it happens when
>people are walking and it seems like there are
>multiple instances of one person in a room. It
>actually crashes in act() when it tries to send a
>message to the people in a room and ch ==
>I don't have the patience to sit around and wait for
>it to crash but I have put in various checks in
>functions like char_to and char_from room. Still found
>no source. I am fairly certain it has something to do
>with Oasis 2.0, although I am not pointing fingers :)
>Now, has anyone experienced this? If so, I will check
>the archives if you would be so kind as to point my in
>the right direction.
>  Xian

This sounds like an issue with either ID's, or with that hideous OLC bug
that doesn't properly reset the room when it has been edited.  You can
check the archives for issues with DG Script ID's and also I think you can
find notes about crashes in OLC when there are other characters in the
room.  If it is OLC, and you can't find the solution, email me personally,
I think I have that fix somewhere here...

Kind regards,

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