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From: Michael Gesner (dabion@WPI.EDU)
Date: 11/26/01

> I have a semi-working WebOLC.  Though, I use MySQL, so I am not editing
> textfiles.  I use it for help files, as well as my configuration, and basic
> zone information as of now, will extend as I have the time.  If you also
> run on MySQL perhaps you should just wait for me to release this.  That is
> if you don't have to do it yourself. :)

Well... MySQL would be used as the "working" copy.  You edit the text
files after you commit.

OR... depending on how you have your MUD implemented, you may already HAVE
MySQL as your zone reference.

Either way... its a good idea to have this flexible enough to output in a
series of forms.  Its really just writing in an extra function to your

> The approval system is a really good idea, and I will bear that in mind and
> "steal" that idea for my WebOLC package that I will probably release in
> addition to my handpatch of MySQL.  I have no real dateline for this, since
> I am quite busy at work.  But, I have everything done in the "common" OLC
> but for shops and zones, and I expect to have these done by the end of the
> year.

I may one-up ya on that number.  I already have MySQL classes for my PHP
scripts done.  Its just a matter of putting in the formats and writing the

> What did you mean with function reference?

A function reference for things such as:
        DG Scripts
        Multi-Player Scripts (a unique Rhu-Dina'ar scripting language)

Also, online help for each OLC command.
        *edit ;)

One of the things that I think would be extremely nice, would be to have
the interface provide you with valid variables, etc. (If you've ever used
Vis studio, you'll understand what I mean).  That's a huge step though...
and that's a real additive...

> Oh, got nice ideas for DG Scripts.  Web syntax coloring and syntax
> checking.  Also, for descriptions, spell checking from,
> instant spellchecking in the text window.  Will have to implement that
> straight away.

That's not really that tough... good idea though... the problem with spell
checking... at least in Rhu-Dina'ar are the really obscure words.  Take
for instance... phobor, or Rhu-Dina'ar... or... eh... you get the picture

> As for the map I have no direct solution for that, but, I guess it would be
> quite simple with GD libs, could also create graphs and stuff to display
> information of zones, mobs, loads, and other things.

Yeah... pretty simple there too.
I was even thinking of using tables as a start.  This doesn't have to be
fancy...  Eventually a 3d map would be nice (for those of us using up and
down).  The only problem is how to manage directions like "in" and "out".

> One exellent way to build graphically would be to build a small Flash
> client that interfaces with a php-script.  I could do that as well, since I
> have experience with Flash apps.  But, I would like some input on that
> before I start, since I am not sure what people wants.

Too intense... HTML is simple... and its not going to hog the bandwidth.
Part of the joy of playing MUD's is that you don't need a beast of a
machine to play it.

Yeah... its a good idea... yeah... I'd use it... but I want to start

> If you are interested in this, please bomb me with ideas, folks.

Certainly interested...
if its not obvious ;)

Lodaren of Rhu-Dina'ar 7777

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