Re: [CODE] Ferry code

From: Thomas Arp (
Date: 11/05/02

From: "Bill Pascoe" <wspascoe@BELLSOUTH.NET>
> Well this  is kind of not really a reply. But I implented the code to
> extract the ferrys and now when it tries to extract the obj it crashes the
> mud.
> Heres what I have:

May I suggest a small macro to make this easier to read:

#define FERRY ferrys[onferrynum]

  if (time_info.hours == FERRY.f_time_leave_from_room) {
    room_rnum from_room = real_room(FERRY.f_from_room);

    remove_exit(FERRY.f_from_room, FERRY.ferry_room,
    remove_exit(FERRY.ferry_room,  FERRY.f_from_room,

    /* search this room for the object */
    for (tobj = world[from_room].contents;
         tobj && !found; tobj = tobj->next_content)
      if (GET_OBJ_VNUM(tobj)==FERRY_VNUM)
        found = TRUE;
    if (found)

    send_to_room(FERRY.leave_dock_from, from_room);
    send_to_room(FERRY.leave_messg_from, real_room(FERRY.ferry_room));

#undef FERRY

> any ideas.

I can't really see why it's crashing. Do you have backtrace or
anything else to shed some light on the issue ?


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