Re: Max # in game

From: Brian (
Date: 05/27/03

I wrote:
> M 0 1234 1 1200
> G 1 512 9
> M 0 1234 12 1200
> M 0 1234 12 1200
> M 0 1234 12 1200

Christian Ejlertsen wrote:
> That part would be no different with the max set on objects and mobiles.
> Since you would still load the mob in 4 different places, and is the
> mob_max was set to 12 it would load 4 more next zone repop.

Actually, I don't think you follow at all.  Initially, it would load 4
mobs and then 3 each additional zone reset.  However, the mob with item
number 512 would only load with that item if every other mob of that
type were killed.  Otherwise, an attempt to kill the mob with the item
will simply result in another mob replacing it that doesn't have the
item.  Like I said (and you failed to quote):

> Consider, for instance, an object you only want to repop when a zone has
> been cleared of a lot of mobs.

Christian Ejlertsen wrote:
> What would be more interesting is a system that saved of the number of a
> certain item actually loaded, both in game and in rent. That way a true
> maximum of the item could be achieved. I wonder if anyone has created
> such a system and would be willing to share a little info about how they
> went about that.

A MUD I know of did this many years ago.  It goes by the name of
Tempered Steel and is located at telnet://  I
believe they refer to the feature as "world max".

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