Re: Physical Attribute and Weapon Weight Interaction

From: Mark Garringer (
Date: 05/31/03

> Interesting. I had origionally planned on integrating item material into
> game, but decided against it about a week ago (I thought it just added too
> many complications to a system that is already getting a bit more
> than I wanted). Were you thinking of having armor protection and weapon
> be a factor of item material as well?

It wasn't that bad, I didn't think. I pretty much cloned the saving throw
system, and changed the checks so they were more in line with objects
(impact, fire, ice, etc...) and then you can assign your saves based on
object material type. I just added another object value (currently 8 object
values with 1 unused still). And yes, under this type of setup it would be
very easy to use object material type to modify the base object values. :)


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