Re: groups

From: Eric Pilcher (rasta@CSOS.ORST.EDU)
Date: 01/25/94

> Perhaps a better  way of affecting this would be to change  the way
> group exp is  divided.  One system  I have seen that I like involves
> adding all the  levels of the party together, dividing that into the
> exp, and then allocating one "share" per level to each party member.
> Thus, in a group with two 20th level characters and one 5th level,
> each 20th leveler  will get 20/45 of the  experience, where  as the
> 5th leveler will only get 5/45.  This still lets   high levlers help out, 
> but negates a lot of  the advantage for mid-levels when the differnce
> in level is  just too high.

But concider a high level mob with about 100k exp points (which is not
unreasonable on a 30 level system, and quite common on a 50 level
system).  This level 5 newbie would still get over 10k exp off the kill
and asside from a couple tickles, probably have done little to deserve
the exp.  A cap on the max a grouped player of X-level can gain will
work to an extent but a better method is to award less for the 
death blow and more for successfully hitting the mob and doing damage.

Assuming that the mobs all have well balanced experience which reflect
the relative difficulty, a nice equation for awarding exp gained
per each successful hit would be (% of damage done)(mob exp value).

This would also take successful kicks, spells, and wand use into
consideration with respect to exp.


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