Re: Questions about OLC
Date: 03/20/94

> We're not sure if this message got through, since there was no response, so
> I'm posting it again.  I guess it's directed at Jeremy...
> How, exactly, will OLC be working?  By this I mean when someone is creating,
> do the created get sent to a file, or are they automatically included in the
> game, so that players can actually go to the new rooms?

It is automatically included in the game, and periodically saved to disk.
However, I have not yet worked on the access control system (I decided to
get the basics done first, and then add access control at the end.)

The first level of access control is that people will only be able to
work on certain ranges of rooms; for example, you could tell Circle 
"Gods X, Y, and Z are allowed to work on vnums 18000-18999 only."  As
a second level, I can add a feature so that people can't link rooms in
their modification zone to rooms in any other zone; that way the new area
will be completely disconnected from the old.

The only problem is with objects.  There isn't anything preventing someone
from creating a 100d100+100+100 weapon and then loading billions of them.
Any suggestions on how this should be handled?

BTW:  ObCircle3.0Update:  I'm on spring break for the next week, and I
am doing nothing but working on Circle.  It should be done by the end of
the break.  And, let me tell you, I'm quite happy with the way it's turning
out!  It makes Circle 2.20 look hopelessly obsolete. :)  I'm really sorry
that it's so late in coming - I hope you guys haven't lost interest in it.


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