Re: Questions about OLC

From: Phantom (
Date: 03/20/94

> The only problem is with objects.  There isn't anything preventing someone
> from creating a 100d100+100+100 weapon and then loading billions of them.
> Any suggestions on how this should be handled?
The way a mud i work on does it is puts a 'builder' flag on the object that
prevents any non-immortal from using and causes object to disintegrate on

> BTW:  ObCircle3.0Update:  I'm on spring break for the next week, and I
> am doing nothing but working on Circle.  It should be done by the end of
> the break.  And, let me tell you, I'm quite happy with the way it's turning
> out!  It makes Circle 2.20 look hopelessly obsolete. :)  I'm really sorry
> that it's so late in coming - I hope you guys haven't lost interest in it.
> <grin>
> Jeremy

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