Re: merc
Date: 04/06/94

I am totally against individual player files as text.  They take up
a lot of space and are slow.

> Hmmmmm....... I personally like the idea of separate text player files.  
> It would definitely help me on those glorious occasions when someone 
> wants to know what their password is, so that I don't have to go change 
> it,

Even if we had individual player text files, you wouldn't be able to do
this.  Passwords are encrypted.  As for having to "go and change it",
all you have to do it type 'set file forgetful-player password newpassword'.

> or when you want to look at a char's stats w/o entering the game (for 
> whatever reasons....).

>From within the game you can just do 'stat file player'.  Being able to
stat files from outside of the game (for whatever reasons) seems like
way too small of a convenience for it to be an argument against a binary
playerfile.  If you really want, I'll include a "set/stat" utility with
Circle 3.something so that you can set and stat players without the MUD
being up.

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