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Date: 04/08/94

On Fri, 8 Apr 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> If you have any suggestions for moving spells around, please make
> them.  Also, I need a couple of more mid-level mage spells to
> fill the list out.
> Identify Potion: Identify which spells are contained in a potion.

Hmm.. dont really like this one.  Then players will have an extremely easy
way of ID'ing any potion.  Yea, they can use ID scrolls, but having the
mystery of a new potion is kinda cool.

> Decompose: Cause a corpse to decompose

This might make a better cleric spell.  2th level cleric spell?

> Dispel Magic: Dispel certain "bad" spells such as sleep, curse, etc.
> Fly: Allow movement without move loss (or maybe reduced loss..?)

I think no move loss is fine.

> Earthquake, Flame Strike, Meteor Swarm, Ice Storm: area affect damage spells

These are hard to balance by just looking at them because I dont know the
damage tables, but if they just progress nicely, it should be fine.

> Negate Sanctuary: For one tick, a char's sanct is ineffective.
> 	(Sanct comes back after a tick)

Hmm... dont like this one myself, but then I can remove it.  If I put sanct
on a high level mob, is usually because high level players will trash it
otherwise.  Even though its a very high level spell, its these high level
players that we have to use sanct on mobs to "protect" them.

> Summon Undead, Conjure Elemental: creates a 'pet'

Beware potential abuse.  Dont make em powerful, max three at a time, and
have em automatically stop fighting or simply disappear if the caster isnt
in the room.

> Calm: stop a fight

How exactly does this work?  I see potential for abuse, particularly in
combination with a backstabbing thief and spellcaster combo.

>            Magic User               Cleric
>            (1) Magic Missile        (1) Armor
>            (1) Identify Potion      (1) Cure Light

Maybe Shield (self only Armor spell) at Mage Lv1

>            (6) Information          (6) Sense Life 
>            (6)                      (6) Cure Blindness

What does Information do?

>            (9) Shocking Grasp       (9) Protection from Evil
>            (9) Waterwalk            (9) Group Armor 

Might up Group Armor to 11th and Move Protection from Good to 9th to be the
same as Protection from Evil.

>           (11) Lightning Bolt      (11) Poison
>           (11) Wizard Eye          (11) Protection from Good

Move Protection From Good back down to 9th level
>           (13) Color Spray         (13) Dispel Evil
>           (13) -                   (13) Cure Critical

Hmm.. Put Dispel Good at level 13 instead of Level 16?  Why are the "Good"
related spells higher level?
>           (16) Sleep               (16) Rejuvenate
>           (16) Paralyze            (16) Dispel Good

Rejuvenate could be a lower level spell if all it does is restore movement
points.  I'd peg it at level 4 and then make the amount of points restored
vary by the level of the caster.
>           (23) Meteor Swarm        (23) Group Recall
>           (23)                     (23)

Ugh, while logical I guess, are there any drawbacks to Group Recall
compared to Word of Recall.
>           (24) Summon Undead       (24) Negate Sanctuary
>           (24)                     (24) 

I think Summon Undead is more of a Cleric Spell, maybe remove Negate Sanct
and give it to clerics as well?

Well, that should be more than enough comments.  Hopefully not too many,
and contains what you were looking for.

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