Re: Circle 3.0 SPELL LIST

From: Alexander J Skrabut (
Date: 04/08/94

> On Fri, 8 Apr 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:
> > If you have any suggestions for moving spells around, please make
> > them.  Also, I need a couple of more mid-level mage spells to
> > fill the list out.
> > 
> > Identify Potion: Identify which spells are contained in a potion.
> Hmm.. dont really like this one.  Then players will have an extremely easy
> way of ID'ing any potion.  Yea, they can use ID scrolls, but having the
> mystery of a new potion is kinda cool.

We at NonameMUD plan to make the Identify spell VERY high level, and making
scrolls that 'identify' either very rare or nonexistant. Adds a bit of
realism and also adds a touch of uncertainty about magical items.

-Adept  NonameMUD @ 4000 (when its up)

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