Mage Spell List Revision Suggestion and notes (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 04/11/94

Danhiel Baker <> writes:
> 7 Teleport w/Error

Should this be limited to rooms in your zone?

> 17 Fly             { Self-Only! Should cost no move, and also allow boatless }
>                    { travel over water.  See waterwalk about it running out }

If it's going to cost 0 movement points to move while flying, I think it ought
to have a rather high minimum cost, so that it burns quite a few points.  This
is a pretty powerful spell as is (fast typists will never be chased down).

> 19 Ice Storm       { Chill Touch Area }
> 23 Meteor Storm    { Burning Hands Area?}

Need to be outdoors?

> >> Also, must objects meet the base level for the spells, or could it be
> moded so that it will default to the spells base level if the scroll/wand/
> etc is set too low?

I think this was set up because the Diku spells reference arrays to determine
how much damage the spell does... the originial authors didn't fill in the
array locations below the spell level (they set them all to 0), so it should
be easy to go through and fix... (unless Jeremy's modified that also)

> ps, once I'm home I'll come up with some damage for the area effect spells..

Please, no level * <die roll>... they are just too powerful.

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