From: Mud Administrator (
Date: 05/01/94

> Someone on my mud is using a backstab - flee routine along with tintin to kill
> high exp mobs: ie.
> 	#50 {backstab mob;flee;n}
> Most of the time the mob doesn't even have time to get a hit in. To stop this
> I put a WAIT_STATE(ch, PULSE_VIOLENCE) in the backstab command...which didn't
> seem to help at all. The player was still able to use the same method, any
> ideas why?
> 		Free @ 4000

What we did was increase the amount of exp you lost from fleeing.  This is
a VERY good deterenet, as someone like this would lose more xp than they would
gain (or not gain anywhere near as much as they would have received) after
killing the mob.


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