Re: WAIT_STATE (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 05/01/94 (Mud Administrator) writes:
>> Someone on my mud is using a backstab - flee routine along with tintin to kill
>> high exp mobs: ie.
>> 	#50 {backstab mob;flee;n}
>> Most of the time the mob doesn't even have time to get a hit in. To stop this
>> I put a WAIT_STATE(ch, PULSE_VIOLENCE) in the backstab command...which didn't
>> seem to help at all. The player was still able to use the same method, any
>> ideas why?
>> 		Free @ 4000
>What we did was increase the amount of exp you lost from fleeing.  This is
>a VERY good deterenet, as someone like this would lose more xp than they would
>gain (or not gain anywhere near as much as they would have received) after
>killing the mob.

I would do this, and make the wait state two combat rounds... maybe even add
a death trap next to the room so he might flee into it.


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