Re: Areas question (fwd)

From: VampLestat (
Date: 06/23/94

On Wed, 22 Jun 1994, Robert Mathews wrote:

> > Shouldn't.  Part of the reason why Jeremy pre-released v3.0 structs.h
> > (which Vamp's Circle3.0 defs are based upon) was to allow builders to
> > begin creating areas for v3.0.
> > 
> 	I think it would be very, and I mean very dumb not to release a
> conversion program with Circle 3.0 [when it comes out].

I agree.  So are you offering to write it then?  Jeremy has no obligation 
to you at all, not even to release 3.0 if he doesnt want to.  Stop 
whining and do some work yourself.

> Circle 2.20 has
> been out for a long time, and there a LOT of muds using it now.  There
> will be a lot of areas needed coversion, and that structs v3.0 doesnt do
> us didly for making areas for Circle 2.20.

Good.  Since you have all this free time waiting for 3.0, go write the 
conversion util.

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