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On Tue, 30 Aug 1994, Naved Surve wrote:

> In message <Pine.3.87.9408301054.G7351-0100000@scws3.harvard.edu>  you said:
> > Several topics that are fresh in my mind now are:

[snip] [snip]
> > Resolving userid's with the code to enable ban to be more specific.
> There is no universal way to do this.  IP does not transmit userid
> information in its packets, so it is impossible to determine a userid
> from a telnet connection.  On some machines which run identd, it is
> possible to query the ident server to resolve a username.  The problem
> is that only about 10% of machines run identd and there is a good
> chance it will lag your server, much like the DNS can lag you when
> resolving hostnames.

I was told that some BBS's which you can telnet to via the internet are 
able to resolve userids.  Perhaps they were using identd.  Does identd 
only have to be run at this end (where the MUD is running), or is there 
more to it?  CPU time is not a real problem, but memory is always gobbled 
up, so if something was light on the memory requirement, the I would be 
interested in tying out using it.  There are some instances where you 
don't want to ban a site, but banning a specific user would be ideal.  
Also being able to write to a system administrator and specify the actual 
user who was the culprit of problems is MUCH more effective than just 
saying someone called and did this.. 

This isn't something I harp on, because it is rare to have problems this 
bad with users.  However I have a very low tolerance for sexual or racial 
harrasment, and take extreme action in those types of cases.

> -Naved
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