Re: Greetings (fwd)

From: Jeff (
Date: 08/30/94

"Mr. Wizard" <> writes:
> 1.  Removing the numbers side to the game. 
> 21+    Godlike
>  1- 4  Poor

Unfortunately, this doesn't really remove the numbers side from the
game, it just replaces the numbers with words.  I don''t think PCs
should ever seen their ability stats, numbers, words, colors, or whatever.

> For HP, Mana and Moves you could use a table like this to describe things:
>           HP             Mana    Moves
> 100%     Healthy        Burning  Fine
>   0%     Dead           Frozen   Exhausted

This sounds better than the stats.

> 2.  Take out global communication.

This really depends on what kind of MUD you're interested in running.
If you're going for straight realism (take out the spells! ;-) and want
a less social environment, taking out global communication may be ok.
But if you're interested in creating a social society, removing global
communication can kill the amount of player interactions.

> 4.  Incorporate a trophy system into the experience system.
> Far too often people find mobs which are the easiest to kill for the most 
> experience and then kill them over and over and over and over and...well 
> you get the picture.  I trophy system keeps track of the number of kills 
> for each mobile and reduces experience awarded after a certain number of 
> kills.  The percentage doesn't have to fall from 100% to 0%.  It can be 
> reduced incrementally.
> This seems realistic to me.  How much experience can you gain after 
> killing a giant for the fiftieth time?  Should it become old hat after a 
> while? 

Are you keeping track of number of kills per mobile per person?  I can
see this getting out of hand if you keep track on a per player basis
(just the memory alone), and some mobs you want people to kill over and
over... like fidos and other easy first level mobs.


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