Re: recompressing circle

From: Chris Herringshaw (
Date: 09/02/94

Try this:

tar cvf yourbackupname.tar directoryname

The 'c' switch specifies you want to create and archive
The 'v' switch tells tar to operate in verbose mode - Ie telling
        your exactly what it's doing
The 'f' switch specifies you are naming the output archive into a
        file, instead of the default tape device.

If you specify the directory name, ie circle, it should default
to operate on the whole directory structure within the directory
you specified.  At least it does on my RS/6000, and my Sparc
at unarchive your tar file, just type:
'tar xvf filename.tar'

To compress it, use either

1) gzip....probably gets the best compression
   just type 'gzip filename'.  To decompress it
   type 'gzip -d filename.gz'
2) compress.... not too shabby unix compression.  Not
   as good as gzip, but not bad. To compress a file
   type 'compress filename'.  To uncompress, guess
   what?  'uncompress filename.Z'

3) pack.  It sucks, try to stay away from it.  Not
   as good of compression as the other 2.  Usage:
   'pack filename' and 'unpack filename.z'

Hope this helps you out a bit!

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On Thu, 1 Sep 1994, Giovanni Ruffini wrote:

> Hhmm... I know that this doesn't DIRECTLY pertain to the subject of this group,
> but I really don't know where else to turn, so please bear with me :)
> I want to make a backup copy of the work I've been doing on a modified circle
> 2.2, and it just doesn't seem worth it to me to ftp and download every file
> one at a time, and since I have touched almost every file, that'd be what I'd
> have to do if I can't figure out how to tar and compress entire trees of
> directories and everything that's contained therein. The man page hasn't helped
> me much; I know some of you guys must have done this with circle before.
> Could I bother you for a step by step how-to?
> Thanks so much,
> Nino

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