recompressing circle

From: Giovanni Ruffini (
Date: 09/01/94

Hhmm... I know that this doesn't DIRECTLY pertain to the subject of this group,
but I really don't know where else to turn, so please bear with me :)
I want to make a backup copy of the work I've been doing on a modified circle
2.2, and it just doesn't seem worth it to me to ftp and download every file
one at a time, and since I have touched almost every file, that'd be what I'd
have to do if I can't figure out how to tar and compress entire trees of
directories and everything that's contained therein. The man page hasn't helped
me much; I know some of you guys must have done this with circle before.
Could I bother you for a step by step how-to?
Thanks so much,

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