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Date: 09/09/94

On Fri, 9 Sep 1994, Matt Read wrote:

> I'm writing to the mailing list with this to get general comments that might
> point me in the right direction so don't hesitate to point out anything
> that I'm missing from my ideas.
> The situation is this:
> I want to change the obj_index.number (which is normally the number of each
> object existing in the game at any time) to be the number of each object
> existing in the game and in the rent files at any time.
> My dilemma is this:
> There are a number of ways I can check this, I can either
> 	a) search the rent files at boot time and only at boot time;
> 	b) search the rent files every x pulses while game is running; or
> 	c) search the rent files whenever a new instance of an object is
> 	   going to be brought into the game.
> My opinion is that option c) would provide the most accurate means of
> controlling the number of objects in the game but I think it would involve
> an awful lot of time spent searching rent files. The other options obviously
> have their pros and cons - so tell me, which shall I use?

Sounds like in terms of accuracy I would rate them as c, b, then a.  But 
option a seems like a nice option if you don't want to risk lagging your 
game with all of this searching.  I'd try it with option c and if it 
caused problems with lag I would go with option a.
> If my dim-witted mind has neglected to mention any important aspects of the
> situation please excuse me or something...
> 		Thanks, Free.

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