From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 10/24/94

> Am I to understand that you've written OLC for Circle 3.0? I mean, a 
> fully functional OLC system? Oh PLEASE let it be true... And if it is, what 
> then hell is taking Jeremy so long? Christ, think he's getting paid by 
> the hour for doing this thing?

No, I'm not getting paid by the hour.  That's WHY it's taking so long.
Because when I have a job which pays $50/hour, and Circle which pays
nothing, then I choose to spend my time with the job.

> I'm sorry but after waiting nearly a year 
> for 3.0 I'm a little impatient, and all I _really_ wanted was the OLC. If 
> an OLC patch is available at the circle ftp site then the wait is over! 
> That's it, I'm not gonna wait anymore. What's that file called? You know 
> the official release isn't gonna be for a couple months...

You're right, it's not going to be for a couple of months, and chances are
it won't be based on the OLC patch at the ftp site anyway since I've already
written most of my own OLC system.

Wait or don't wait, but either way don't whine to me.  Since when do I
owe YOU anything?  You make it sound as if you're paying me to do work
for you.

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