From: Bu (
Date: 10/24/94

On Mon, 24 Oct 1994, Jeremy Elson wrote:

> > Am I to understand that you've written OLC for Circle 3.0? I mean, a 
> > fully functional OLC system? Oh PLEASE let it be true... And if it is, what 
> > then hell is taking Jeremy so long? Christ, think he's getting paid by 
> > the hour for doing this thing?
> No, I'm not getting paid by the hour.  That's WHY it's taking so long.
> Because when I have a job which pays $50/hour, and Circle which pays
> nothing, then I choose to spend my time with the job.

You're getting $50/hour? Alright, can't blame you for putting off circle 
I guess... I'd do the same.

> > I'm sorry but after waiting nearly a year 
> > for 3.0 I'm a little impatient, and all I _really_ wanted was the OLC. If 
> > an OLC patch is available at the circle ftp site then the wait is over! 
> > That's it, I'm not gonna wait anymore. What's that file called? You know 
> > the official release isn't gonna be for a couple months...
> You're right, it's not going to be for a couple of months, and chances are
> it won't be based on the OLC patch at the ftp site anyway since I've already
> written most of my own OLC system.
> Wait or don't wait, but either way don't whine to me.  Since when do I
> owe YOU anything?  You make it sound as if you're paying me to do work
> for you.

You don't owe me anything, except your word. When you say something like 
"it will be out very soon now" then I would expect that it indeed would be 
out very soon. Unless by "very soon" you mean a year, in which case that 
would be my mistake. "Very soon" to me means maybe weeks, at the most. At 
one time you even named a month, April I think it was, that it would come 
out. Well, it's almost November now, a far cry from April. Don't take 
this too personally, I'm not trying to attack you in any way. Well, ok, a 
little... But that's because when you tell people something will be out 
and then it doesn't come out when you said it would, people tend to get a 
little irritated. And the longer it takes, the worse it gets. It's not 
only myself that feels this way I'm sure. I just wanted to voice my 
opinion since no one else was. So in my opinion, you should have kept 
your word or not said anything at all. But being as you did say 
something, if I were you I'd try to get it out of the way so people like 
me stop bitching at you. :)  Then again, if you had at least given an 
explanation as to why it was taking so long a long time ago I would have 
understood (IOW, no bitching). You've done an excellent job modifying the 
code and I wouldn't want you to feel like I'm ingrateful. In fact, I'd 
like to thank you right now for doing such a great job. But for me (and 
I'm guessing quite a lot of people), keeping your word is an important 
thing. I'm sure you understand. What if I said I'd give you a million 
dollars "very soon now" (and I actually _would_ do it let's pretend)? 
Wouldn't you get impatient as time went by?

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