Re: New Damage Calculations

Date: 06/09/95

On Fri, 9 Jun 1995 wrote:

> Here is what I think would be a cool addition to CircleMUD, that I don't
> think is on any other MUD.
> Instead of every weapon just doing it's damage, make the kind of weapon take
> longer to heal in relation to the type.
> Examples:
> The basis would be a a slashing weapon.  It would take the normal time to
> recover lets say 100 hp
> Then all others would be different a crushing weapon would take the longest
> because it's a riping wound and they take along time to heal, You can fit the
> others in.  So instead of it doing more damage to kill you, it would take a
> crushing weapon 2 times as long for the 100 hp to be healed as compared to
> the slashing (a shalow minor wound).  I think it would really add an extra
> edge to the weapon part of the game.  I am still thinking of how the Cure and
> Heal spells would be affected but just want to know if this would work.

	Actually, slashes aren't neccessarily a shalow minor
	wound.  Despite that fact, I think this would be one of
	those realism trips that would kill off the game.  Think
	of what would happen if players began losing otherwise
	close fights because "Jupiter has a crushing weapon", it
	would really kill off the idea of high level players
	going off for challenges.

	Some people might consider that it'd encourage people to
	group with clerics, but it would also kill off grouping
	by causing clerics to run out of mana, the tank would die,
	and then so would clerics.  It would really cause players
	to shy away from the challenges and go solo and kill easy
	things, and not share the exp

	Of course, all of the above is IMHO.

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