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From: DeMONTRios (
Date: 06/13/95

>Hi!! I am a new IMP and i am having two problems both reguarding shops.
>The first problem is the petshop in off market street (unchanged). The 
>problem is that all the pets in the store cost 0 gold.  I dont know where 
>the costs of the pets are, since they are mobs and not obj they dont have 
>a value flag.  The only reason why this problem was pointed out to me was 
>that player were "buying" for 0, like 20 wolves and killing everyone and 
>thing on the mud!  so currently this problem is unresolved.
>My second problem is with a shop i made.  Since i dont know what special 
>code is needed to make a mob a "shop keeper", i am using the same wizard 
>mob found in the mage's shop off market street.  I have both wizards 
>loaded into the proper rooms, the original wizard and magic shop work 
>fine, the problem is with my shop.  The wizard is loaded into my shop and 
>has the three items i want him to sell on him, but when i goto that shop 
>and type any shop commands i get a message something like this:
>"sorry, you can't do that here"  i am not sure where the problem stems 
>from since the mud is up and running.  

    Both problems are easy to solve.
    The solution of the first one is: the pets' price are given by the
    experience they have. since the animals on pet shop has no exp 
    (and I don't why, pl7 is all ok about this), their price becomes
    zero. What you can do is get the mob file and change their exp
    or get the values from pl7, which will work all fine
    For the shop the problem is: when you build a shop, you put in the
    files the virtual number of the shop (I think in your case it's 
    useless, but I'm not pretty sure of that), the virtual number of 
    the shopkeeper and WHERE the shopkeeper must be to sell anything.
    This is probably the trouble. Read the documentation about 
    building a shop, it's really very-well explained there how to 
    build a shop.
    I hope it is useful...
    Demetrius de Vasconcelos Santos aka Akuma
    Virtual Worlds of Magma: 4000

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