Re: shop problems

From: U1107 (
Date: 06/14/95

On Sat, 27 Jul 1991 wrote:
> Hi!! I am a new IMP and i am having two problems both reguarding shops.
> The first problem is the petshop in off market street (unchanged). The 
> problem is that all the pets in the store cost 0 gold.  I dont know where 
> the costs of the pets are, since they are mobs and not obj they dont have 
> a value flag.  The only reason why this problem was pointed out to me was 
> that player were "buying" for 0, like 20 wolves and killing everyone and 
> thing on the mud!  so currently this problem is unresolved.
The Pet shop thing is because the way they price the mobs inm the store 
are by how much exp they have.. and the mobs that are made for the store 
dont have any exp to start out with. Although if you gave them exp then 
someone could by a wolf and kill it right away and get exp for it wich 
would mess up the game... i think it used to determin the price by the 
level instead of the exp (in 2.2) although i dont know for sure.. I also 
dont know how you would go about fixing it. 

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