wiz bits

From: Giao H Phan (gphan@sas.upenn.edu)
Date: 06/14/95

um, just wondering if anyone has pimped anything like this - i heard 
someone say a circle mud had wiz_bits, so i thought i'd ask here.
i think this idea is worthy of use in stock circle, thas why i'm goin 
into a lil depth on how i did it. i'm open to comments, etc. cause i've 
never seen code with this shit in it, butt i'm aware it exists.

we took out levels a while ago, and were happy to switch to a bit field 
that governs a player's power. i use aroun 10 bits to represent 10 
different types of immortal, and i set bits of lower types on the higher 
immortals just to be safe ;)   an imp has aroun 100 commands, so i grouped 
similar commands together an these groups are also represented by bits. 
uh, since exp is useless for immorts, i just set those bits in that 
field, and turned it negative. all mortals (should) have positive exp, 
and therefor, any players wich negative exp must be imms. (careful u dont 
have any negative exp mobs, since -1 exp is equiv to every bit being set)
anyway, bits look like this:

01 online creation
02 transportation commands
03 immortal comm lines
04 use of internal color codes
05 use of internal data codes
06 ban control
22 immortal
23 titan
24 world pimp
25 pimp

ok, so now if the bits of a dude are set to any of the above, the guy can 
access those commands. this brings a much needed element of fractional 
power to the admin. previously, it was all or none. if you gave a new 
quest god LVL_GOD access so they could use switch commands, etc. then 
yu'd also have to give them access to set. this way u can control what 
you give yer imms and when they get it. the bit system has several other 
uses, but none so compeling.


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