Re: wiz bits

From: Carl Tashian (
Date: 06/14/95

On Wed, 14 Jun 1995, Giao H Phan wrote:
> ok, so now if the bits of a dude are set to any of the above, the guy can 
> access those commands. this brings a much needed element of fractional 
> power to the admin. previously, it was all or none. if you gave a new 
> quest god LVL_GOD access so they could use switch commands, etc. then 
> yu'd also have to give them access to set. this way u can control what 
> you give yer imms and when they get it. the bit system has several other 
> uses, but none so compeling.

We have this same system at HexOnyx in addition to the normal level 
system. It's nice to keep imm levels -- in order to have some kind of 
"rank" to things.

We've got it set up so that you can set an "allow" or a "deny" bit on a 
player.. so if you want to deny a god from using the freeze command, you 
could do that.. or allow a low level imm the load get the 
idea. There's a bitvector of commonly used imm commands (ones that would 
likely need to be allowed/denied to players), and an extra field in
the command struct to link the bits with the related imm command(s).

Simple .. and effective.

Carl Tashian

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