Re: wiz bits

Date: 06/14/95

> we took out levels a while ago, and were happy to switch to a bit field 
> that governs a player's power. i use aroun 10 bits to represent 10 
> different types of immortal, and i set bits of lower types on the higher 
> immortals just to be safe ;)   an imp has aroun 100 commands, so i grouped 
> similar commands together an these groups are also represented by bits. 
> uh, since exp is useless for immorts, i just set those bits in that 
> field, and turned it negative. all mortals (should) have positive exp, 
> and therefor, any players wich negative exp must be imms. (careful u dont 
> have any negative exp mobs, since -1 exp is equiv to every bit being set)
> anyway, bits look like this:

	I used a different method to this madness.  I used the
	level field, and used the values as such (portrayed in
	a default level system, not mine):

	0 - Mortal
	1 - Immortal
	2 - God
	3 - Greater God
	4 - Implementor

	That's the default implementor levels, I had more than that.
	This method allowed for "hidden" imortals+, for example, an
	immortal who would use, for example, the, "mortalize" command
	which would make them _appear_ to have a level flag of 0, the
	experience would still be gained, adding a more convincing
	feel.  Even if no-one else could see it.


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