From: Marcelo Valle Moreira (pira@dcc.unicamp.br)
Date: 06/14/95

	Hmmm... about ppl jumping levels... a player can not change her own level, unless by gaining experience.

	You may force a player to jump over the max limit by setting her exp amazingly high, so next time she fights the exp will be checked and she goes thru the levels and sometimes it stops on 34 sometimes it goes over. I'm not sure about the sometimes, prolly 'cause sometimes Circle is in a bad mood sometimes not.
	You may also set the level of a player by set level or setting some other attributes that invades the level field on the playerfile(You gotta be lucky and pray a lot with full faith).
	Once on 2.2  I jumped from 30 to 34 cause the impl turned off the automatic immortality and I got so many negative exp that in a fight I rised to 34. DOn't ask me why, all I know about C and Circle code is by reading, changing, suffering and cursing thru the src files.
	I also think that the Puke skill should be for monks, after eating a lot and drinking so much that he gets You're stomach can't contain anymore! Then the monk is ready for the deadly puke that would get about 30 practice lessons.
	And I can not make that you see a waybread (3) work yet. I'm navigating thru the code trying to figure things out. I'm getting pointers trouble.
	I wonder if I write and send trhu here a small mannual for n levels with all the necessary changes you dudes would not remove me from this list. YES it will take some days, I've not started and I'm engaged now. 2 weeks far =o) I haven't much time, but you all could comment my mistakes and we can get a good release to set in a PUB somewhere. It's also possible to make a file to change all the stuffs, it just ask the maxlevel you want and the godlevels you want spreading the wizcommands automaticaly or not, but don't ask me to do it, I'm not ready for such code. And it's usefull for lazy Imps.
	AH! someone said something about core dumped after changing levels to 50, well, when I put it up to 152 it gave me a big headache, and I had to set it down to 110 now. mail me, not the list and we may discuss yer troubles. then we place here just the final comments and the solutions.
	MY OPINION: The hardest on making more levels is how the hell can I be creative to find the titles!!!!!!! The code? most part is self-explainatory(hmmm did I create this word? ah! a neologism!).
	And once again thanx you all for teaching me C =o)

	WidowMaker cmos.dcc.unicamp.br 5000

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