re: Long item-list fix

From: Raymond J Nawara Jr. (
Date: 06/14/95

   From: jaco v Iterson <>
   > Here is a suggestion to change a list like:
   >   you see a waybread
   >   you see a waybread
   >   ...
   > to something like
   >   you see a waybread (3) 
   > (if there are 3 waybreads that is)

   If you're gonna change it, why not change it to:
       you see three waybreads
       you see 3 waybreads

   If I would be on a mud and see something like
       you see a bread (3)
       you see a rusty sword (2)
   my next command would be quit, no kidding.

Because then you have to parse the long desc semantically for
pluralization, which is far more complex than just appending the
quantity.  It would involve basically scrapping the whole long desc
concept and building the long desc from the name, as well as having a
standardized name scheme (which should be the case anyway as its just
a building standard.). Remember, the room desc of an object is based
on the long desc, not the name...

What do you propose to do with the waterwalk boots in the standard world?

	A pair of boots floats in a puddle.

Doable, but not nearly as simple, therefore the previous is not as
outrageous a concept as you seem to make it.

Of course, the way I last saw it (numbering items quantities) implemented
was as a user selectable mode...

   Come to think of it, the list command for shops as shipped in
   circle3 looks like it's make for debugging.
   You'ld better fix that before you go on-air.

This is what beta means... ;)


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