re: Long item-list fix

From: Carl Tashian (
Date: 06/14/95

On Wed, 14 Jun 1995, jaco v Iterson wrote:
> If you're gonna change it, why not change it to:
>     you see three waybreads
> or
>     you see 3 waybreads
> If I would be on a mud and see something like
>     you see a bread (3)
>     you see a rusty sword (2)
> my next command would be quit, no kidding.

Simply "You see three fiery daggers" would require you to sacrifice the 
object's description on the ground .. so you never see "A dagger made of 
fire crackles mysteriously here." if there was more than one. I suppose 
it all depends on how much you value those descriptions. Leaving the 
description that the author intended is more important, IMHO.

Carl Tashian

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