Re: item duping

From: Raymond J Nawara Jr. (
Date: 06/22/95

From: Belgian Underground Mud <> (Wodan):


   It's been bothering me for a while that players could dupe items if
   only they find a way to crash the mud : they give equipment around and 
   save their characters while they have the equipment, and then crash the 
   mud. The most simple sollution : if a player types 'save' ALL the players 
   get saved. It's just two lousy lines of code to add. For those interested :

[Some code]

This has the problem of causing some major lag if you have a lot of
players on and some who, like me, type save after anything significant
they do. It's easier just to remove do_save (or better yet, make it a
placebo - yeah, we really saved, sure.) and set your autosave to
something low (5minish) and tell the players tough if they lose
something between saves. Even then, and with your do_save, they can
just rent.  ( X gives item Y, Y rents, X crashes mud.) Solutions such
as this to stop bug abusers are treating the symptoms, not the
cause. Make severe penalties for bug abusers and log stuff if


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