eq lvl restrictions

From: Michael J Cunningham (crayola@esu.edu)
Date: 07/06/95

I was wondering if I could get some opinions on eq lvl restrictions for
players. Thie would be on all armor and weapons. I am considering putting
them into my mud (probably use the rent field for the lvl since we have 
free rent). Has anyone else out there put in lvl restrictions in a circle
mud? I am not interested in how to do it.. I am more interested in how it
affects game play and such. I cant really ask my players since I am sure
90% would be against them... But I think they would help balance out the game
more. What is your opinion? Looking for all ideas/comments/suggestions..

Gargamel.. Imp of Phoenix Mud(sirius.nmt.edu 4000)

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