Re: Question time...

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 07/10/95

On Sun, 9 Jul 1995, Mark Garringer wrote:

> It is that time again...
> However, there are _many_ ways in circle to start combat. Take for 
> example, the warrior skill of kick.
> Now, if I kick a PC outside of that range it gives me the message but 
> combat starts anyway.
> Help?
> --Ziz, NetShamen

	I would suggest putting the restriction in the procedure do_kick 
of .  Similarly, do_bash, etc....  Check out interpreter.c to 
find all the appropriate subroutines corresponding to offensive actions 
(ie cast , rescue(! yes, rescuing a mob from a low level PC is a dirty 
trick... :) etc. )  
	In do_kick for example, right at the point where it checks for 
(ch == vict) you could insert the level check.  

	Hope this helps,

	Graham Gilmore

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