Re: Addclass/Multiattack/Race Docs

From: Anthony Spataro (
Date: 07/19/95

On Wed, 19 Jul 1995, Brett Helgeson wrote:

> 	Just wondering if anyone found them usefull at all, and if so, 
> whats the address to your mud(s)? I am pretty bored at the moment (Yeah I 
> could be doing something important but it can wait=) and want to check on 
> some muds...
> 	So if you could send me your addresses to your muds, I'd love to 
> check them out...
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Well, my MUD's up and running at 4402 ( 4402) but it 
won't do you any good, seeing as how I'm connected directly to the 
venerable Loopbacknet. =)

(There's nothing sadder than to watch a TCP/IP layer sitting there 
repeatedly shouting "Are you there?" and beaming in happiness when in 
gets to shout back "Yes I am!")

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