Re: Oops, and an idea...

From: Brett Helgeson (
Date: 07/21/95

On Fri, 21 Jul 1995 sjmaster@MIT.EDU wrote:

> >carrying a weapon around in the open of some towns is enough to get you 
> >a)thrown in jail, or b)killed. Hence the need for the scabbard...And then 
> >you can get magic scabbards and all that stuff too..
> Now that is interesting, I hadn't even considered that.  I like that idea...
> maybe increase mobs memory to be able to remember, say, 5 chars, and
> have guards in some city warn players that are wielding a weapon to put
> it away, and then remember them, and if they don't and the guard sees them
> later on.. attack!  That's cool....   you'd have to add another eq slot, 
> I presume.  Cool, mind if I steal the idea? :)

	Hey, its yous =) In all honesty, I'd like to see more ideas and 
what not of new bells and whistles (so called because they are just an 
added feature, and have a minimal impact on play). These aren't all that 
hard to do(for the most part, I'm slightly C dumb ya know =) and really 
help to give your mud a nice little flair. And you can of course take it 
above and beyond a simple scabbard (for example) and make a scabbard that 
once you draw the sword, another one is magicly (sp?) takes its place.

	So, I have time today, let me work on the original idea, and I'll 
post it once I am done.

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