Re: Oops, and an idea...

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/21/95

Something that bothered me with a number of MUDs was the lack of 
attributes in the 'score' list.  I added this in today; once r3 is 
installed players can see their stats.

"stat player", for those who have access to "stat", shows a player their 
own immortal-style stats.  Just call do_stat_character(ch,ch).

Release 2 had a number of cosmetic changes.  The main title screen set 
the color to grey (esc[0m) and cleared the screen (#12).  ? is the same 
as help, # is the same as gecho, ` is the same as echo and @ is the same 
as at.  I added "bye" and "logoff" in addition to "quit", "by" and 
"logof" are implemented like "qui" (You have to type QUIT to quit, 
nothing less), and this rule now applies to immortals.  I changed the 
menu, too, and altered the pet-store pricing.

R3 will have a few more cosmetic changes and I'll be installed a Factory 
I ftp'd last night.  I may start meddling in the internal file 
structures, but I don't see a need for it quite yet.

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