Re: How do I find out if an Object is a corpse?

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/22/95

> How do I find out if an Object is a corpse?
> I'm trying to make a new skill, which allows the player to make a shield, boots,
> gloves, etc. out of corpses. At some point I have to determine if the object, which 
> the player tries to use, is a corpse. There is no ITEM_CORPSE (not in pl8). 
> I know that a corpse is considered as a container, but I can't rely on that since
> a bag is also considered as a container.
> I'd be very glad if someone could tell me how to do it.

I was meandering through the source looking for a way to identify spells 
within objects.  I managed to find something regarding corpses; they have 
some value of -1 or something.  I'd recommend grepping the source *.c and 
*.h) for "corpse".  It should reveal something.

"CORPSE" might also be worth a check.

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