Re: Adding more Areas

From: The Mighty Spaz Twit (
Date: 07/22/95

BH> >   Brett,
BH> >        Do you have room descriptions and direction descriptions 
BH> > specials etc for these 36k rooms? How long did it take you to do
BH> > just curious.
BH> > 
BH> > later,
BH> > 
BH> > Tom Dailey
BH> > Gore - IMP
BH> > ZombieMUD
BH> > 2150  

BH>         Heh, I wish. I think I have around oh 100? Yeah it will
BH> take the next year and fifty to finish. Thats ok. It gives me
BH> something to do.    

refer to my previous message, at 1 minute per room average (could be much 
longer if you use many unique longdescs) you would be typing (rooms only 
now..) 24hours a day, 7 days a week, for something like 694 days. what 
about objs, mobs, shops, etc
at what, 240 working days per year, 8 hours a day, thats 8.7 man-years 
for the rooms. 
you must be awfully bored...

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