In 9 days...

From: George W. Garner (
Date: 07/26/95

     Somewhere beyond your thoughts lies a Realm inhabited only by the 
figments of your imagination.  This Realm is controlled and manipulated 
by your subconcious, and at the same time sparking a concious of its' 
own.  It pulls from your thoughts and uses your mind to shape itself.  
The more you voyage into this Realm the more it draws from you.  It pulls 
more and more until you and it are melded into one spark of conciousness.
The Realm that lies beyond all imagination is pulling thoughts, has been 
pulling thoughts, and is now ready to spark a new life.  Soon the Realm 
beyond all thought will invade the world of the thinkers: probing, 
searching, yearning for its' etch in the concious world...
     The Realm is preparing to unleash its' imaginative fury...

                            * IN 9 DAYS: THE REALM WILL TAKE OVER *

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