Re: In 9 days...

From: Sammy (
Date: 07/26/95

Uh Oh, I hope this isn't a countdown (unless this has something to do 
with the bpl9 release). :)

On Wed, 26 Jul 1995, George W. Garner wrote:

>      Somewhere beyond your thoughts lies a Realm inhabited only by the 
> figments of your imagination.  This Realm is controlled and manipulated 
> by your subconcious, and at the same time sparking a concious of its' 
> own.  It pulls from your thoughts and uses your mind to shape itself.  
> The more you voyage into this Realm the more it draws from you.  It pulls 
> more and more until you and it are melded into one spark of conciousness.
> The Realm that lies beyond all imagination is pulling thoughts, has been 
> pulling thoughts, and is now ready to spark a new life.  Soon the Realm 
> beyond all thought will invade the world of the thinkers: probing, 
> searching, yearning for its' etch in the concious world...
>      The Realm is preparing to unleash its' imaginative fury...
>                             * IN 9 DAYS: THE REALM WILL TAKE OVER *

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