CPU time, RAM usage for running a MUD

From: The Mighty Spaz Twit (spaz@helix.net)
Date: 07/26/95

Howdy folks! I am negotioating for a site for my mud, and I have a couple 
of questions for imps...

1. What kind of CPU time would, say, a mud with 10-50 PCs online use up? 

2. How much RAM do your MUDs use up? I expect to have a fairly large 
number of rooms (not 1 million tho =) and the requisite mobs/items, but I 
don't have a way to guess how much RAM would be used up...
and I know this was asked recently, but I didnt need to read the answer 
at the time, so:
3. How should I set up the directory rights? should I use 1 user for all 
coders/builders? or should I have separate accounts? I would like to hear 
from people who have this kind of problem. 

Oh yeah, drive space is gonna cost me $4.00 CDN per meg, one-time fee. 
How much drive space should I buy? my mud on my linux PC takes up 10 
megs, including .o, .c, bins, world,  etc... but how big do these things 
get? I was planning on buying 20 megs.

Chris Louth
Imp of some unnamed MUD =)

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