Re: CPU time, RAM usage for running a MUD

From: Andrew Paprocki (
Date: 07/27/95

On Wed, 26 Jul 1995, The Mighty Spaz Twit wrote:

> Howdy folks! I am negotioating for a site for my mud, and I have a couple 
> of questions for imps...
> 1. What kind of CPU time would, say, a mud with 10-50 PCs online use up? 
Our mud uses maybe about 10% cpu time.. it's not that as much as the ram..

> 2. How much RAM do your MUDs use up? I expect to have a fairly large 
> number of rooms (not 1 million tho =) and the requisite mobs/items, but I 
> don't have a way to guess how much RAM would be used up...
We have 16 megs on our mud computer here and with nothing else running, 
we never hit swap, without about 1 meg free.. That's with quite a bit of 
areas, etc..

> and I know this was asked recently, but I didnt need to read the answer 
> at the time, so:
> 3. How should I set up the directory rights? should I use 1 user for all 
> coders/builders? or should I have separate accounts? I would like to hear 
> from people who have this kind of problem. 
The system we have setup on our mud I think is the best way to do it.. We 
currently have RCS setup, where all the coders for the mud have to 
checkout files, modify them, and check them back in with a log comment.. 
This allows:

1) No one except the person who checked it out can edit it until it's 
checked in and checked out by that person.

2) It keeps logs of all changes made, so if you want to go back to a 
specific revision, look at the log comments and tell it which one to restore.

3) All file permissions are handled by RCS so people can login as 
themselves without having the need for a "mud" account.

> Oh yeah, drive space is gonna cost me $4.00 CDN per meg, one-time fee. 
> How much drive space should I buy? my mud on my linux PC takes up 10 
> megs, including .o, .c, bins, world,  etc... but how big do these things 
> get? I was planning on buying 20 megs.

We have added quite a bit of areas, and i'd say we take up about 20-30 
megs so far.. Our complete mud is about 4 megs .tgz'd without the binaries..

Hope that helps.. 

Andrew Paprocki
[ArchaicMUD - 6969]

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