Re: CPU time, RAM usage for running a MUD

From: Pink Floyd (
Date: 07/27/95

>   3. How should I set up the directory rights? should I use 1 user for all 
>   coders/builders? or should I have separate accounts? I would like to hear 
>   from people who have this kind of problem. 
The way I did it was to make two new groups, 'mud' and 'mudgod'.  Make the
default mud account and everything in it 'mudgod' and trusted users get that,
and make builders in the 'mud' group and make appropriate files for that.
(perhaps a seperate lib directory for the 'mud' group that they can build
with, then you can run 2 copies of the mud, one real copy and one 'builders
port' using a different port and the builders lib as a the lib. Its a command
line option.)

>   Oh yeah, drive space is gonna cost me $4.00 CDN per meg, one-time fee. 
>   How much drive space should I buy? my mud on my linux PC takes up 10 
>   megs, including .o, .c, bins, world,  etc... but how big do these things 
>   get? I was planning on buying 20 megs.

20 is probably fine to start, I assume you can by more later though.

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