Re: pentium

From: Steve (
Date: 09/25/95

I run Circle3.0 bpl8 (heavily modded) as a test system on my Intel 
Pentium 90 with 16 megs of ram using linux 1.2.13, but i ran it using 
1.2.11 just a month or so back, no real problems. if your using
gcc 2.6.3 i think there are bugs in it, maybe upgrade your compiler
On Mon, 25 Sep 1995, FourSpace wrote:

> Is anyone out there running circle on a pentium, with linux as
> the os (1.2.11 specifically)?  If so, have you encountered any
> problems with the compiler, or anything else?  Seems that all
> our file handling functions (fopen, fclose, fputs, etc...
> ) have suddenly become subject to wierd segv errors.  we've 
> also gotten a few segvs in __gnu_calloc !!!! 
> let me know if this sounds familiar.
> Fireball @ Tempus

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