Re: ELven Woods

From: Alex (
Date: 09/29/95

On Fri, 29 Sep 1995, E.I. wrote:
>   I do not see the point of this discussion, the docs for building is there,
> the half chopped file is there and I am sure you have at least "vi" to
> start to correct the zone and to finish it up :)
You may not see the point of many discussions, but why should we care?
Perhaps he has edited it a bit, perhaps he does not have the time, what
is that for you to know or care about... maybe he doesn't know a lot
about how world files work, maybe he does... for one Jeremy admitted to
me back when I started that he didn't know much about world files, never
mind have time to edit them and whatnot.  And also, when you get a zone
without a zone file, it is usually rather hard to figure out what goes
where and you usually end up with a zone that is similar to the original
Welmar's Castle, with a lot of mobs and objects that don't load at all.

--  Alex
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