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Date: 09/29/95

The reason I haven't done any work on it is I haven't got the time at the 
moment. I'm vertually single handedly looking after my mud at the moment
And we have a lot of zone writing being done as well so no-one else has 
the time to spare at present. Apart from that it's the start of a new 
term for most ppl, and I get the joy of being a fresher again.
Apart from that my acess is mon to fri 8-30 am to 8-30 pm good old uk time
Hence the lack of time, apart from that I'm currently writing tow other 
zones one for an lpmud and one for a merc/envy mud

I apologise for wasting ppl's time with this message but I thought I'd 
clear it up

We have a completed version of olc we finished it a couple of months ago
something else we've done is rewritten string in

we use set and string along with extra commands create delete edit string 
and wdb for the olc so as you can see it hasn't been tidied up yet

Something else thats been redone is the pulsing system and the spec procs
it is now much more efficient and spec procs can be given to objs and  
rooms as well as mobs

We've also installed a view command which at the moment has options:
Currently accepted view formats:
view hobj <type> [<count>] <subtype> - view hard objs
view hmob <type> [<count>]           - view hard mobs
view players - view abbreviated players stats
view zone <number> [<first>] [<count>]
view zcmd <zone> <number>

Other things are fumble code and a critical hit system
Plus various other things, anyway when it's all tidied up nicely 
I'll probably make a copy available to everyone if ppl want it


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On Fri, 29 Sep 1995, Alex wrote:

> On Fri, 29 Sep 1995, E.I. wrote:
> >   I do not see the point of this discussion, the docs for building is there,
> > the half chopped file is there and I am sure you have at least "vi" to
> > start to correct the zone and to finish it up :)
> > 
> You may not see the point of many discussions, but why should we care?
> Perhaps he has edited it a bit, perhaps he does not have the time, what
> is that for you to know or care about... maybe he doesn't know a lot
> about how world files work, maybe he does... for one Jeremy admitted to
> me back when I started that he didn't know much about world files, never
> mind have time to edit them and whatnot.  And also, when you get a zone
> without a zone file, it is usually rather hard to figure out what goes
> where and you usually end up with a zone that is similar to the original
> Welmar's Castle, with a lot of mobs and objects that don't load at all.
> --  Alex
> "Spoon!" -- The Tick

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